Rhetoric on the Move

We are excited to start our new blog, “Rhetoric on the Move,” to showcase innovative teaching ideas from some of our excellent faculty in the program. We will also feature student voices to show how these students applied the rhetorical theories and principles they explored in their classes.

Our new program is the result of in-depth curriculum revisions. We polled students about their experiences in the program and asked them how they would re-envision the program. Based on their feedback, faculty comments, and research of multiple programs in the nation, we now offer a program that focuses on applying theoretical principles to specific workplace situation. Students learn through reading and discussions, and they immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge to multiple writing tasks, multimodal presentations and projects. Students write in different genres, and they create projects for different school and workplace audiences.

Our contributors to this blog will address a multitude of teaching- and writing-related issues. We all look forward to learning with and from them.