A New and Exciting Certificate Program for Our Teachers!

student2The Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media Studies Program is excited to announce its new Certificate Program, especially geared towards instructors who are currently teaching writing and composition courses at the community college or college levels or who are teaching writing in dual enrollment programs. We proposed this new graduate certificate in rhetoric and composition for work with qualified post-baccalaureate students who wish to develop a graduate level understanding in theories and practices of rhetoric and composition studies, literacy studies, and digital media studies without enrolling in a master’s program in Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media Studies.

After many discussions with English Department chairs at Arizona Community Colleges and their urgent need for teachers to show course completion in their fields of instruction, we decided to work on a certificate that would meet an urgent need in the community college community created by the Higher Learning Commission requirements to show graduate course completion/certification in the area of instruction.

Courses in the certificate program provide you with many opportunities to apply theory directly to teaching situations by encouraging application pieces such as basic writing presentations, multiliteracy modules, and visual literacy lessons.

Details about the program
You will need to complete 18 units of coursework. 15 of these units are courses from the RWDMS program and include:

• ENG 561: Introduction to Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media Studies
• ENG 562: Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition Theory
• ENG 622: Topics in Historical and Contemporary Rhetoric
• ENG 623: Topics in Narrative Studies and Creative Rhetorics
• ENG 624: Topics in Public and Disciplinary Writing
• ENG 626: Topics in Digital/Social Media Studies

One of your courses can be outside of the RWDMS program. It needs to be an ENG prefix course (literature or TESL, for example, or an additional course from the RWDMS program).

Our learning outcomes for the certificate focus on your understanding of theory and knowledge, analysis and critical thinking, and research and application. Specifically, you should be able to:

1. Examine and evaluate the major theories in rhetoric, writing, and digital media studies by participating in and advancing current knowledge and practices in the field.

2. Produce academic writing and projects applicable to educational and public settings to demonstrate an advanced understanding of research methodologies and writing skills applicable to Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media studies.

3. Critically analyze how cultural artifacts (written, digital, visual, and spoken texts) shape identities and ideologies in diverse local, national, historical, and global communities.

4. Apply theoretical and practical knowledge to projects that synthesize and evaluate appropriate research, scholarship, and methodologies in rhetoric, writing, and digital studies, including research on significant issues related to global learning, diversity, and sustainable educational and environmental practices.

5. Apply rhetorical, pedagogical, narrative, new media, and public writing theories and practices by carrying out advanced course-related and client-related projects directed at conceptualizing, researching, understanding, and reformulating current theories in the field of rhetoric and writing studies.

How to apply
You will need to apply online through NAU’s Graduate College:


We are excited to welcome you to the program and to offer this opportunity for current and future teachers.